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Best coaching for NEXT exam & next exam
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Factors ensuring high rank in NEXT exam
  • Conceptual clarity in all subjects. Days of mugging up & clearing the exam are gone long back. Understanding the subjects is the most important factor.
  • Ability to apply the concepts to a practical situation. Applied aspect is a key feature of new MBBS syllabus.
  • Time management: overall in life as well as in exam hall. Questions in NEXT exam will be lengthier than in NEET-PG or FMGE (MCI Screening Test).
  • Students will have to understand, think, apply & solve in a small amount of time.
  • Multiple efficient revisions are key to success in any competitive exams. We recommend 3 revisions before exam.

Is coaching must to crack NEXT?

  • Although curriculum for MBBS taught in medical colleges is same as syllabus for NEXT, the subjects are taught at a very introductory level in medical colleges in India, & more so, in abroad. So passing local MBBS exams (even with good marks) does not ensure that student will score high in NEXT exam.
  • If coaching was necessary in NEET-UG (which had 4 subjects in the syllabus), it is very obvious that coaching will play an important role in NEXT (which has 19 subjects in its syllabus). Human mind understands & performs better when it is taught & guided by an expert. The teachers in good coaching classes are usually those who have spent their lives in respective subjects. These teachers have huge experience of guiding the students for exams like NEET-PG, FMGE & now NEXT. Coaching centres build concepts & solve doubts – the two building blocks of any competitive exams.
  • Many students know ‘what to study’ but coaching institutes tell you ‘how to study’. As per the pattern of NEXT exam, direction of study is far more important than amount of study or hard work. Quality of preparation is more important than quantity. Smart work more important than hard work. Coaching classes channelize your efforts to maximise the yield. They guide for exams like NEXT, NEET-PG or FMGE in a more customized way than simply teaching the syllabus in a formal manner.
  • Coaching classes provide notes from the subject specialists, test series, mock tests. They also share latest updates on the exam & important tips for preparation.

How to choose the best coaching for NEXT exam?

Coaching institutes are of two types. Classroom courses & online courses.  Both, online & classroom programs (reputed coaching classes) follow the same syllabus, same textbooks, tests & have good teachers. The only difference is the mode of communication, with the online section offering standardized videos that replace the professor’s lectures in classroom. Both are equally good, however online courses have a few more advantages over the classroom lectures:

  • One can study as per one’s own convenience anywhere, anytime, at his/her own pace. This is in sharpe contrast to 10-12 hrs/ day teaching in classroom coaching for NEXT.
  • Best online coaching for NEXT exam saves time, money & energy. One can study from home, don’t have to migrate to a new place for coaching centres thus cutting down costs on accommodation. No worries on missing out on any lectures when unwell.
  • Multiple & efficient revisions are possible only in online coaching. For any competitive exam revision of what you have learnt is far more important than learning new things. Thus online coaching helps you in making study strategy to crack NEXT.
  • Everyone is a front row student in online coaching. Everyone gets same attention. Difficulties solving is far more efficient in online coaching than in classroom coaching.

How to choose the best online coaching for NEXT exam?

  • Before starting any course read thoroughly the course descriptions. Don’t blindly trust your senior’s advices. Your seniors are not the best people to guide you. Don’t get carried away in the wave of what others are doing.
  • Check for suitability of cost, duration and flexibility of time. If you are offered 700 hours of recorded video lectures & you watch 2 hours/day, you will spend 2 years in merely watching these lectures! What about self-study & revision!?
  • Select a course where lectures are precise & to the point. Mind works best when information is delivered in 10-15 minutes chunks. Go for structured online programmes like Bright EduWorld for NEXT.
  • Those online lectures which make use of pictures & animations are far more yielding.
  • Selecting online courses that give you robust test series, subject wise test, mock tests, high yield test are important.
  • Courses which offer performance tracking by means of tests and feedbacks are highly recommended.

What is the best time to start the online coaching?

A stitch in time saves nine. If coaching for NEET-UG starts in 8th & 9th standards, it is very obvious that coaching for NEXT should ideally start from first year MBBS or second year. In-depth understanding of subjects will only happen with calm mind. So it is better to begin early to avoid unnecessary anxieties later.

Starting early also gives you the added advantage of finishing early and getting time for revision. Revision is the key to success in any competitive exam.

Why Bright EduWorld is the best online coaching course?
  • Structured online coaching. Here new MBBS syllabus is divided & subdivided into small modules. Lectures are not lengthy. They are more engaging & yielding in smaller time intervals. Optimum time management.
  • These lectures are supported with pictures & animations which makes them easy to grasp. They give an overall conceptual understanding of the subject.
  • Continuous support by a counsellor (PG doctor) for difficulties solving, motivation & performance tracking.
  • Individualised approach. Mapping of topic-wise strengths & weaknesses of the students. Support in converting weaknesses into strengths.
  • Regular updates NEXT point of view. BEW is the 1st organization in India which tuned itself to pattern of NEXT exam as per new MBBS curriculum. Get updates for national exit exam for mbbs latest news.
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