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Best foreign medical colleges for Indian students

Best foreign medical colleges for Indian students

Why MBBS abroad?

There is a huge shortage of doctors in India. The health-care industry is a recession-free sector. So opportunities are almost unlimited.

There are approximately 70,000 to 80,000 MBBS seats in medical colleges (private & government taken together) in India. Every year around 15 lakh MBBS students appear NEET-UG exam & compete for these 80,000 MBBS seats. So competition is extremely tough!

So many students pursue MBBS in abroad like MBBS in Philippines, Russia, China, Georgia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Nepal, Bangladesh, etc.

MBBS in abroad is a very good opportunity. In reasonable fee structure you can get MBBS degree which opens the doors for multiple further opportunities.

Choosing medical college abroad

It has been found that students choose medical college in abroad based on wrong criteria & spoil their own career.

Many commercial agents for their own benefit promote inappropriate information about the medical colleges abroad. E.g. MBBS in Saint Lucia or other countries of Carribean Islands is being promoted as MBBS in USA! The fact is that students studying MBBS in St. Lucia or other countries of Carribean Islands do not get the degree of “MBBS from USA” even if they pass USMLE!

So students need to be very careful & take care of not falling in trap of false information.

Following precautions should be taken while choosing medical college abroad:

  • Do NOT choose a medical college because your friend is there, you heard of something or you never heard of something, your relative says something about some country but he is not an expert in this field. All these criteria are wrong.
  • Most of the foreign medical colleges for MBBS abroad are recognized by MCI, WHO & other bodies & are accepted by countries in Europe & America. So this is a common factor & this does not help in choosing a medical college abroad.

Factors while choosing medical college in abroad

  • A list of MCI approved foreign medical colleges can be found on website of MCI (now MCI is replaced by NMC: National Medical Commission). The medical college in abroad should be in the MCI list of foreign medical colleges.
  • Language: The language of instruction should be English. Many medical colleges abroad offering MBBS in Russia, China, Ukraine, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan promote themselves as English Medium but actually their functioning is entirely in local language. So it is better to choose a country where the education for their own local students is also in English.
  • Food: You need to have a clear concept about nature of food available in the country. In countries like Russia, China, Ukraine & Georgia students have to cook their own food. The arrangement of “Indian mess” in these places is unstable & very costly. In any country for Indian students doing MBBS abroad, the expenses for hostel & food are 200 UDS/ month or more.
  • Teaching: The standard of education should be the main factor or can even be the only factor determining the choice of medical college in abroad. Interact with the Indian students studying MBBS abroad in that particular college. Enquire about teaching in that medical college, library facilities, books which are being used in that medical college (they should be referring international books like Grey’s anatomy, Boron/ Ganong for physiology, Harper for biochemistry, Robins for pathology, Goodman & Gillman for pharmacology, Harrison for medicine, William’s for gynecology, etc.). Also enquire about the infrastructure like dead body dissection & other facilities. Know about availability of patients of various diseases like malaria, pneumonia, dengue, chickengunya & others. It is important that the medical college should have robust examination system.
  • Budget: Do not choose a medical college with very low budget. If you are going for a medical college where the total expenses (fees+ hostel +food) are less than 25 lakhs for the whole MBBS, either a false impression is being given to you or there’s a compromise in quality of education.

MCI Screening Exam (FMGE: Foreign Medical Graduate Examination)

  • After completing MBBS abroad, students have to clear MCI Screening Test (FMGE) in India. From 2022, FMGE exam will be replaced by NEXT: National Exit Test. This NEXT exit test will be compulsory for students completing MBBS from medical colleges in India as well as abroad.
  • NEXT exam will have theory as well as practical exam. All 19 subjects in new MCI curriculum form syllabus for NEXT exit exam for MBBS.
  • After passing NEXT, students will have to undergo 1 year internship in India. If students score high in NEXT, they may get a PG (MD/ MS) seat based on rank in NEXT to get admission in a best foreign medical colleges for Indian Students.
  • It is highly advisable that students should start preparing for NEXT exam right from the 1st year MBBS. If you needed coaching/ guidance for NEET (which had 4 subjects in its curriculum), it is very obvious that you need coaching & guidance for NEXT exam (which has 19 subjects in new MCI curriculum). Bright EduWorld NEXT Online Coaching offers course for 1st year MBBS students so that they score high rank in NEXT & get MD/ MS seat in specialty of their choice in a reputed government medical college in India after MBBS.
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