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My name is Dr. Lalit Patil. I am a pediatrician practising in Pune for over 16 years. I have been associated with some of the most prestigious hospitals in Pune.

Right from my graduation days as a student, I have seen how medical students struggle to get admission to a PG course (MD/ MS). Only 3% of MBBS graduates get the desired PG seat through the NEET-PG exam. The entire journey, even though looks glorious at the beginning, becomes very stressful while catching up with the vast syllabus, assignment deadlines, coaching classes and the difference in the level of teaching provided vs required for the PG entrance exam.

I have gone through the journey as a student. Apart from the typical challenges of other students, I had more challenges during my career (1 year of TB, a fatal accident) and still shined at multiple levels. I was the topper in the University for MBBS as well as DCH.

Introspecting my journey and the ongoing struggle of the students, I have decided to do something for this challenge. I am focusing on helping these students from the early stages of their educational journey to clear their NEET-PG/ NEXT exam. Over a decade, I have been associated with various initiatives with high-paying lucrative offers and associations.

Dr Lalit Patil

Founder director of Bright EduWorld

With the continued focus, Bright EduWorld was born 5 years back. It blends rich content and effective learning methodology

( Visit by Prof. Asmund Aammass (University of South Eastern Norway) & Prof. Paradis Audrey (University of Oulu Finland) and their teams )

with a blend of behavioral aspects, which build the right habits in the students.

The unique model that we have built is making a difference to the students, and they are achieving good results.

Our students are leveraging this ecosystem and have been achieving great success. Our social media channels are full of testimonials from our students.

A large number of MBBS students need this support. And I have just started my journey in Bootstrapped mode. To continue making a bigger impact and making more and more students successful, I am looking for collaborative efforts to reach and support them so that they can take advantage of this initiative and make a difference in their careers at the right time.

With this context, I am reaching out to see if you can support this initiative.

I will be glad to discuss possible collaboration opportunities or your guidance and support in taking this initiative to the right audience.

Looking forward to interacting with you.

Please check my profile here.

( The Finland & Norway team was accompanied by Dr Vaibhav Jadhav, Director of Distance Education at Pune University )
Thanks & regards,
Dr Lalit Patil
Mob/ WhatsApp: +91-9623731203
Email: enquiry@brighteduworld.com
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