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Frequently asked questions

It is the most modern online learning platform built specifically for NEXT. It is mobile friendly. It focuses on user experience and not just adding in a meaningless list of features. It is extremely simple to use, and students love using it. Preparing for NEXT would be fun and not stressful. Get started almost instantly, and avoid long set up and configuration phases.

Yes. We will be completing the entire syllabus for NEXT. Our faculties are well reputed & highly qualified. They are practicing/ doing research in their respective fields. They have immense experience in teaching undergraduate & postgraduate medical students in India. They are well versed with the exam pattern.

No. The pattern in which the course will unfold is fixed. We have our internal time table. You will not be able to access any subjects or even topics within a subject as per your wish. There are two restrictions:

  • We will make available videos depending on time table designed for the course which you have joined (we may not share this time table with you).
  • The flow of the events in the course is such that unless you clear a topic wise test with 60% marks in it, you don’t get access to next topic! There’s no point in opening different subjects & topics simply for the sake of it. Learn a topic thoroughly, then go to the next. This cycle will go for the 70% time duration of the course for which you have enrolled yourself.



Time management is efficiently addressed by Bright EduWorld Online Coaching. You can access it online anytime, anywhere & any number of times from smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. You can study as per your convenience. There are no time restrictions. You can watch the videos any number of times.

While counting the durations 1 year is counted from 1st January to 31st December starting from the year next to year of enrollment. Thus irrespective of in which month you are joining, the duration of the course will be counted from 1st January of the next year. Thus earlier you join more time you get for the same fees! While deciding which duration course you need to join, consider the year in which you will be graduating (or appearing NEXT). Now considering the coming year as 1 year, start counting till the year of graduation (1st attempt) to get the duration of the course you need to joining. E.g. If you will be graduating in 2022 (which means that you will be appearing for in December 2022) & now it is October 2020, you should join a 2 years course. This is because irrespective of when you join in 2020, we don’t count 2018. We will be counting 2021 & 2022 as two years. Thus 2 years course of Bright EduWorldOnline Coaching will start in October 2018 & will remain accessible till 31st December 2022. Thus for all the students who enroll for a 2 years course in 2020 (any month), the course will be accessible till 31 December 2022. Thus earlier you join the course, more advantage you have. Students joining in January or February have highest time advantage.

As experts are observing over the period of decades, for any exam, earlier the student starts preparing, better are the results. We insist that students should start preparing for right in the 1st year of MBBS. Courses of different durations are designed to help students at different levels (1st to final years & beyond). Courses of longer durations are obviously better, not only because you will get all up-gradations of the course absolutely free but, more importantly your basics will become very strong.

Bright EduWorld Online Coaching is a self-sufficient course as it is designed by experts in the field specifically for. So usually there are no difficulties. But in case there are any difficulties WhatsApp / email support is available for the queries by the students.

In china there are restrictions on some websites. Our videos are YouTube based. In China YouTube is not directly accessible. But it is freely accessible through certain VPN (Virtual Private Network). A lot of students from China enjoy our courses. VPN can be downloaded free of cost from internet. If you can watch videos on this website, you will be certainly able to access the entire course.

We have designed the course extremely carefully starting from basic things & taking the student by hand holding till the actual level of the exam. There’s no reason why you should not like it. But more than liking or disliking it, important aspect is its usefulness & relevance for preparation. Fees once received will not be refunded under any circumstances.

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