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FMGE Exam Syllabus

FMGE Exam Syllabus

All 19 subjects in Indian MCI new curriculum are included for MCI Exam for the FMGE exam syllabus (Foreign Medical Graduates) syllabus. Thus FMGE exam syllabus is same to that of  NEET-PG syllabus with minor changes in subject-wise weightage distribution. Following is the subject-wise marks distribution in Foreign Medical Graduate Examination:

FMGE Exam pattern

FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduate Exam) is conducted twice a year in June & December. There is no age restriction & there are unlimited attempts for FMGE Screening Test.

There are 300 MCQs in MCI Screening Exam from pre-, para- & clinical subjects from FMGE Exam syllabus as described above. Exam for Foreign Medical Graduates is a Computer Based Test (CBT) which includes image- & video-based questions as well. There is no negative marking in FMGE Exam.

In FMGE question paper, 300 MCQs are asked in 2 sessions of 150 minutes each with a lunch break in between. Thus for 1 MCQ, you have 1 minute to answer.

For passing Foreign Medical Graduate Examination, you need to score 50% marks (i.e. 150 out of 300).

The level of difficulty in FMGE/MCI screening test exams has increased from the past years. The pattern of questions in FMGE has also changed from one- liners to lengthy questions.

FMGE (MCI Screening Test) results

Following table shows results of FMGE: MCI Screening Test in past few years:

Why FMGE/MCI screening test results are low?

  • In foreign medical colleges abroad students have difficulty in time management while attending college, preparing daily assignments, presentations, university exams & doing daily household chores such as cleaning & preparing own food.
  • As the population of students studying MBBS in abroad are those who didn’t get MBBS in India, the environment among Indian students in most of the medical colleges abroad is not studious. The students are in deep ignorance regarding study strategies to crack FMGE or NEXT exam. The students are also not aware of difficulty level of questions in FMGE (NEXT). Most of the students think that they will initially clear local college exams & after MBBS, go for 6 months FMGE coaching in Delhi. This strategy has badly failed.
  • Most students start FMGE preparation late which is the major drawback. FMGE preparation (now we must say: NEXT preparation) should start right from 1st year MBBS. But most of the students think of joining FMGE coaching classes in Delhi or elsewhere at the last moment rather than starting FMGE (NEXT) preparation early. Overconfidence can drive you crazy in the end. Completing the whole of MBBS syllabus in a period of 6-9 months will be easy for the experienced lecturers but understanding and grasping the subjects in a short time is very difficult for the students. Thus they end up in confusion and low self-esteem.
  • Many students fall in the trap of FMGE/MCI screening test coaching for two months in holidays. This does not help as there’s lack of self-study, follow up & continuous support from coaching institutes.

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