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FMGE Preparation

FMGE Preparation

How to prepare for FMGE (MCI screening exam)?

  • Start early. Avoid last minute hassles. People who pass FMGE exam have momentum, they study everyday till the end. Start preparing for FMGE test from 1st or 2nd year of MBBS itself. Starting FMGE preparation early is the single most important determinant of success in FMGE exam. Same holds true for NEXT preparation.
  • Those who don’t plan, they plan to fail. So chalk out your entire FMGE preparation or now more importantly NEXT exam study plan. Bright EduWorld NEXT Online Coaching hand holds the students through their own plan which is individualized.
  • Do not skip any topic. Distribute equal emphasis to all subjects of MBBS syllabus. A focused preparation of MCI exam is a must. Even in preparation of NEXT, pre- & para-clinical subjects are of great importance.
  • Try to Attempt Maximum Number of MCQs, FMGE Mock tests, High yield test (Key tip: Attempt mock tests for FMGE or NEXT in a stipulated time which will also give you an idea about time management).
  • Checking your performance after attempting the FMGE mock test will provide a feedback on areas of improvement. Online courses such as Bright EduWorld give you this opportunity.
  • Refrain from Using ‘Too Many’ Study Resources. It is always good to use standard textbooks like Harrison, Robins, Gray’s, Ganong, Harper, Goodman & Gilman, Paniker, Parson, Baily & Love, William’s, etc. But it is time consuming. In view of changing FMGE pattern, MCQ books are not recommended as they keep on reproducing old outdated question bank. Updated question banks like that of BEW are more useful.
  • Unless your seniors are extraordinarily brilliant, don’t follow their advice. Your seniors are not capable students. They are merely ahead of you by number of years. Don’t get carried away in the wave of what others are doing.
  • Try to establish a relationship between subjects e.g. you can study anatomy with surgery or physiology with pathology. This way of studying helps to build core concepts. Remember, new MCI curriculum insists on vertical & horizontal integration among all subjects in new MBBS syllabus.
  • Use of images, figures & flowcharts for studies helps in concepts forming & retaining topics in the memory for a longer time.

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