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FMGE (MCI Screening Test): Dec 2019

I am thankful to Bright EduWorld team for their wonderful guidance which helped me to crack MCI exam in my 1st attempt. I was lost as to what to study and how to study. Bright EduWorld’s structured curriculum brought me back to track. I did MBBS from Russia. BEW course increased my confidence immensely. Thanks BEW team.
S. Mohandas (MCI Score 199)
S. Mohandas
(MCI Score 199)
Thanks Bright EduWorld for converting my weaknesses into my strengths by your student performance mapping techniques. Had it not been Bright EduWorld, it wouldn’t have been possible. I studies MBBS in China. But BEW taught me all the subjects in much more depth than my college teachers. Lectures of surgery by Dr. Banerjee sir are simply mesmerizing.
Abhijeet Prasad (MCI Score 210)
Abhijeet Prasad
(MCI Score 210)
I had joined Bright EduWorld in my 2nd year in Georgia. I was advised to study for 1 hr daily. I was very sincere and consistent with my daily studies because of which I could clear my exams. I thank BEW team for their guidance.
Aditya Gupta (MCI Score 195)
Aditya Gupta
(MCI Score 195)
Bright EduWorld is like my family. I can reach out to them whenever I am in need. Problem solving by the counselling team has helped me a lot. While answering the exams I could recollect most of the things as my concepts were clear. All thanks to Bright EduWorld.
Aditya Chatterjee (MCI Score 175)
Aditya Chatterjee
(MCI Score 175)
I had enrolled with BEW in my 1st year in Ukraine. Over a period of time I realized that subscribing early was truly worth it. The lectures, notes and the question bank is a complete package. I also thank the counselling team for their timely guidance.
Vivek Naik (MCI Score 189)
Vivek Naik
(MCI Score 189)
Time management was a big problem for me. I didn’t know how to study. Thanks Bright Eduworld counselling team for your guidance. I could finish all modules and also got time for revisions.
Sunil More (MCI Score 161)
Sunil More
(MCI Score 161)
Swami Sir is the best. He makes the lectures so engrossing. Pathology became so easy for me. I wish we could have such lecturers at our college too.
Michael Fernandes (MCI 173)
Michael Fernandes
(MCI Score 173)
It is because of Bright EduWorld I could clear MCI in my first attempt. I thank Bright EduWorld from the bottom of my heart. The online lectures are very informative and easy to grasp. They help to clear our core concepts. I really appreciate ENT lectures by Dr. Prasun Mishra sir & Opthal lectures by Dr. Piyush sir. The advice given to me by my study coordinator helped me to overcome my difficulties. It also helped me to realize my potentials. Highly recommended course.
Dilip Shah (MCI Score 204)
Dilip Shah
(MCI Score 204)
I was a bit late in enrolling for the course. Had it not been Bright EduWorld I wouldn’t have cleared the exam. Their high yielding lectures are the best. Swami sir made pathology so easy. In less time I could gather more information and cleared the exam. Thanks Bright EduWorld team.
Allen Francis (MCI score 180)
Allen Francis
(MCI Score 180)
Bright EduWorld lectures are concise and to the point. The video lectures make the concepts crystal clear. They are non-taxing to the brain as they are not lengthy and boring. I never thought that anatomy can be so simple & interesting. These lectures helped me with my college studies also. Thanks Bright EduWorld.
Sandip Ghosh (MCI Score 167)
Sandip Ghosh
(MCI Score 167)
I just loved the Surgery lectures. Dr. Banerjee has made the subject so interesting to study. Few concepts explained by him I’m never going to forget in my life. Thanks Bright EduWorld team for such wonderful lectures.
Vijay Poojari (MCI Score 183)-1
Vijay Poojari
(MCI Score 183)
Hello! My MCI score was 190. The best thing about the BEW lectures are these are short and to the point. I did MBBS from Russia. I used to go through these lectures during my travel to college. Thus, I could easily cover 4-5 blocks in a day. This practice helped me to complete the modules on time while I was doing MBBS in Russia.
John Fernandes (MCI score 190)
John Fernandes
(MCI Score 190)
I did my MBBS in Kirgizstan. Why don’t our lecturers in college teach like you people ‘BEW’? Extremely knowledgeable faculty and a very helpful staff. Highly recommended.
Aditya Agarwal (MCI score 197)
Aditya Agarwal
(MCI Score 197)
The best feature is the module wise study. You don’t get confused what to study when and of course. Dr. Banerjee Sir’s lectures, he makes surgery so easy to study.
Mahesh Iyer (MCI score 165)
Mahesh Iyer
(MCI Score 165)
Bright EduWorld helped me to plan my studies. As I was studying abroad, I had to face many difficulties such as attending lectures, making notes, preparing for exams, doing household chores. There was a lot of time mismanagement. They encouraged me to study at least half an hour a day which helped me to complete the syllabus on time. As the lectures were precise and short I could read them while travelling to the college. Thanks Bright EduWorld for your contribution.
Himani Shah (MCI Score 195)
Himani Shah
(MCI Score 195)
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