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New MBBS Syllabus

In 2019, Medical Council of India (MCI), the apex body governing the medical education in India, was replaced by National Medical Commission (NMC).

The National Medical Commission bill (NMC bill) has brought following 2 major changes in the medical education system in India:

  1. Introduction of new MBBS curriculum
  2. Introduction of National Exit Test (NEXT)

Highlights of new MBBS syllabus

After 22 years, the old MBBS syllabus was replaced by new MBBS syllabus also called as new MCI curriculum. Following are the major changes brought in the new MBBS curriculum:

  • Competencies based syllabus. Competency is defined as an observable ability of a health professional, integrating multiple components such as knowledge, skills, values and attitudes. In simple words, it is now defined, topic-wise in each subject, what knowledge & skills MBBS students should acquire.
  • Introduction of a 1 month Foundation Course at the beginning of MBBS 1st In this Foundation Course, students will be introduced to the medical college environment. They will be acquainted with the MBBS curriculum, the health care system in India, medical ethics. In this Foundation Course, the students will be trained in language, communication skills & time management.
  • Introduction of Attitude, Ethics and Communication (AETCOM) module. This will inculcate knowledge, skills, attitudes, values and responsiveness, so that MBBS graduate can function appropriately and effectively as a physician of first contact of the community while being globally relevant.
  • Removal of irrelevant parts of the old syllabus. Removal of theoretical & practical parts which were more memory based, purely technical & did not contribute to make the MBBS students efficient primary health care providers.
  • Horizontal & vertical integration. Horizontal integration is conceptual integration among subjects of the same year. Vertical integration is stressing conceptual relations among subjects of different years. By introducing clinical postings from the first year itself, students will learn to integrate subjects of MBBS from the first year itself.
  • Reduction in the duration of MBBS from 54 months to 50 months (4 years 2 months). This reduction has been done in the 2nd year MBBS. So the new MCI curriculum is distributed as follows:

Although syllabus has changed, the fact remains that getting MD/MS post-graduation after MBBS is of paramount importance for MBBS students to fulfil their dreams. Bright EduWorld is the pioneer in Online Coaching for NEXT as per new MBBS syllabus. For the best results in NEXT exit exam, students should start preparing for NEXT from 1st year MBBS itself.

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