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NEET-PG 2022

Bright Edu World you are the best. Your counselling team have helped me with my queries throughout….Sorry for disturbing you in odd hours…but that is why I loved studying here
V. Maheshwari
V. Maheshwari
(NEET-PG Score 650)
My seniors recommended me and I shall recommend it to others. This course helped me to get swiftly through my exams. Topics were made interesting to study by the use of slides and diagram. Pharmacology lectures were awesome. I thoroughly enjoyed studying at BEW.
Abhishek Kumar (NEET-PG Score 654)
Abhishek Kumar
(NEET-PG Score 654)
I am grateful to Bright EduWorld team for their guidance. The subject-wise test, high yield test proved very helpful. Most of the questions in the NEET-PG exam looked quite similar to them so I could attempt the exam confidently
Komal Jain (NEET-PG Score 211)
Komal Jain
(NEET-PG Score 811)
I came across various sites offering competitive results. Few features which made me choose Bright EduWorld were complete guidance till the end of the course, short high quality lectures and also the affordable fee structure. In short, it is a complete package. I am happy that I made the right choice and could get a PG seat of my choice. A big thanks to Bright EduWorld.
S. Balakrishnan (NEET-PG Score 613)
S. Balakrishnan
(NEET-PG Score 613)
Dr. Swami’s pathology lectures are extremely informative. In a short span all your concepts are clear. The Question bank explanations add further to your knowledge. Studying at Bright Edu world was one of my finest decision
Sunita Patil (NEET PG Score 609)
Sunita Patil
(NEET PG Score 609)
I would say the curriculum is structured beautifully. The basic concepts are made clear first gradually moving to more complex topics. Dr. Lahiri sir’s lectures on Microbiology are superb. Thanks Bright EduWorld team for helping me crack NEET PG exam with flying colours.
Sushil Kumar Yadav (NEET-PG Score 702)
Sushil Kumar Yadav
(NEET-PG Score 702)
They deliver what they promise. I am extremely grateful to the BEW team for their support. Video lectures and question bank has helped me a lot. My success, I owe it to you Bright EduWorld
Pallavi Patil NEET PG (Score 658)
Pallavi Patil
(NEET-PG Score 658)
I thank my mentors at Bright EduWorld for helping me out with my studies. The videos, notes and updated question banks are up to the mark. Opthalmology lectures by Dr. Piyush sir are simply mind-blowing. Performance mapping done by the counsellors add an extra edge to your performance.
Ravi Kumar Yadav (NEET-PG Score 644)
Ravi Kumar Yadav
(NEET PG Score 644)
Highly recommended online course for all NEET-PG aspirants. I have recommended this to my juniors and even they are doing good. The highlights of the course are short online lectures which are less time consuming and high yielding. The test series help you to discover your understanding of subjects. The improvement tips given by the study coordinators add an extra edge to your performance. I am grateful to Bright EduWorld
Deepti Shah (NEET PG Score 612)
Deepti Shah
(NEET-PG Score 612)
I am glad that I had Bright EduWorld by my side to guide me through this tough phase. The inputs I receive from the counsellors and coaches added a lot of value to my overall progress. A complex subject like surgery was taught so effectively by Dr. Banerjee sir! In fact it’s only because of applying the techniques taught, I could crack the exam. Thanks to Bright EduWorld.
Sudhir jain (NEET-PG 690)
Sudhir jain
(NEET-PG Score 690)
I took the advice of my seniors. And my decision was correct. Today I am so happy that I could crack NEET PG. This is all because of timely coaching by Bright Edu World. The lectures are so easy to understand and grasp. The test series and the time management tips by the study co-ordinators are amazing. Thanks Bright EduWorld for all the help
Preety Aacharya (NEET PG 615)
Preety Aacharya
(NEET PG Score 615)
My association with Bright EduWorld has been fabulous and life changing. I still recollect the earlier days when my studies used to be so unorganized and stressful. I would put in hours but still end up getting myself completely confused and would lose hope. Bright EduWorld helped me put a structure around my work and efforts. Gradually my entire approach towards studies changed. They have practically proven how to work Smart and not just work hard. This journey just feels so satisfying.
Sunil pal (NEET-PG 689)
Sunil Pal
(NEET-PG Score 689)
Bright EduWorld Video lectures are with descriptive slides and diagrams which help to memorize faster. The provide information in small chunks so they stay in memory for a longer time. Notes are very informative. I highly recommend this online course
Saliha Mulla (NEET PG Score 678)
Saliha Mulla
(NEET-PG Score 678)
I take pride in telling everyone that I studied at Bright EduWorld. A structured online program that covers your MBBS syllabus in small modules. Their education system is so strong that it helps you get through the exams so easily. This lectures did not only help me to clear my NEET-PG but also helped me to clear my exams at college levels. These lectures were far better than the ones taught to us in college. Thanks Bright EduWorld for helping me get MD Psychiatry.
Preetam Kaur (NEET-PG Score 700)
Preetam Kaur
(NEET PG Score 700)
The video lectures are very informative and conducted by experienced faculty. The BEW team always encouraged me to study. They were always keen to clear my doubts. I want to take this opportunity to thank Bright EduWorld faculty, staff for this wonderful training experience. Because of you I could secure Psychiatry. Thanks once again.
Priyanka Nair (NEET PG Score 682)
Priyanka Nair
(NEET-PG Score 682)
Bright EduWorld has encouraged me throughout my 2 years subscription. They have cleared my doubts and made my concepts more strong. I never knew that anatomy can be so simple & interesting. Dr. Kshirsagar sir’s lectures on anatomy are splendid! They have always motivated me to perform well because of which I could crack my NEET-PG.
Amit Pandya NEET-PG (Score 654)
Amit Pandya
(NEET-PG Score 654)
Best Material provided and BEST conducted test series. Special individual guidance yields best results. Thanks Bright EduWorld!
Ayushi Rathore (NEET PG Score- 631)
Ayushi Rathore
(NEET PG Score 631)
For me NEET-PG question paper looked quite familiar as I had attempted the Bright EduWorld’s Mock test and high yielding test several times. Studying here was total worth it. Gynecology lectures by Dr. Girija madam were of great help.
Anirban Das (NEET-PG Score 677)
Anirban Das
(NEET-PG Score 677)
I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude towards Bright EduWorld online coaching. I enrolled for the 3 year program and scored 698 in NEET PG. I am really happy today as I have secured a place in Psychiatry and owe my success to Bright EduWorld
Ankita Sinha, NEET PG 698
Ankita Sinha
(NEET-PG Score 698)
My NEET PG Score is 696 and I could secure a Dermatology seat. I owe my success to Bright EduWorld. The MCQ bank had quality questions. It was updated regularly. The explanations given to the questions were also accurate. Thanks Bright EduWorld for creating such valuable stuff.
Anand Rajan (NEET-PG Score 696)
Anand Rajan
(NEET PG Score 696)
I subscribed Bright EduWorld online coaching in my 1st year. I was asked to study half an hour daily which helped to complete entire course within the stipulated time. The online lectures gave me complete conceptual understanding of the subjects. Their timely motivation helped me overcome my weakness.
Ismail Shaikh (NEET-PG Score 610)
Ismail Shaikh
(NEET-PG Score 610)
Dr. Prasun Mishra sir’s lectures on ENT are awesome. He makes concepts so clear. I could attempt all ENT questions correctly just because of him. All the faculties are good. I loved learning here. Thanks Bright EduWorld.
Arun Tiwari (NEET-PG Score 620)
Arun Tiwari
(NEET-PG Score 620)
Joining Bright EduWorld was my life’s best decision. Their lectures helped me get through the NEET-PG with flying colors. And what I really appreciate about them is their personal touch to everything. They were in constant touch with me, motivating me whenever I was down. They have always solved my difficulties, be it study related or time management. Thanks again Bright EduWorld!
Alok Agarwal (NEET-PG Score 699)
Alok Agarwal
(NEET PG Score 699)
I would like to extend my gratitude to BEW team. Among the things that I liked most here were the structured online program and performance mapping by the counselling team. BEW study material is perfect for concept building and revision.
Deepal Shah (NEET-PG Score 644)
Deepal Shah
(NEET-PG Score 644)
They have the best faculties ever for a coaching institute. The teaching methodology and the exhaustive test series helped me to crack NEET-PG.
Amit Kumar (NEET-PG Score 623)
Amit Kumar
(NEET-PG Score 623)
It was my third attempt and I had almost given up. This is when Bright EduWorld came to my rescue. They motivated me to study and manage my time effectively to yield effective results. The lectures by experienced faculties were of high quality which helped me get through this exam. I am grateful to Bright EduWorld.
Sayeed Patel (NEET-PG Score 620)
Sayeed Patel
(NEET PG Score 620)
Bright EduWorld is a complete package. The high quality video lectures, notes and Mock tests help to get through the exam swiftly. They add that personal touch by giving individual counselling. Thanks Bright EduWorld.
Gaurav Thakur (NEET PG Score 641)
Gaurav Thakur
(NEET-PG Score 641)
I cannot thank BEW enough for helping me crack NEET-PG and securing a Gynecology seat. The faculty, counselling staff are extremely supportive. They have played a vital role in my success.
Ather Ejaz (NEET-PG Score 671)
Ather Ejaz
(NEET-PG Score 671)
"Studying at Bright EduWorld was a great experience. The Mock tests and high yield test are of same pattern as NEET-PG. Also, the lectures are very awesome. Thanks BEW team for their support.
Parminder Singh (NEET-PG Score 613)
Parminder Singh
(NEET PG Score 613)
BEW video lectures and guidance had made me so confident that a week prior to NEET-PG exam I was not tensed as my other batch-mates were. I could sleep well before the exam and with fresh, unstressed mind attempted the exam. This helped me to crack the exam with flying colors. Thanks BEW team.
Jitendra Singh (NEET-PG Score 698)
Jitendra Singh
(NEET-PG Score 698)
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