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Why Bright EduWorld

Structured Online Coaching

  • Whole MBBS syllabus divided in small modules & blocks NEXT point of view which can be done in half hour daily
  • These modules will be allotted to you sequentially
  • The relevant & most important part of pre- & para-clinical subjects will be covered through National Exit Test: NEXT point of view
  • Clinical subjects covered in detail NEXT point of view
  • Online notes in every module to boost performance

Individualised approach

  • The speed of the course determined by your performance. It will be customized for you. We do not have cattle class approach.
  • Mapping of your weaknesses & strengths in view of National Exit Test: NEXT pattern. Our team will help you in converting your weaknesses into your strengths.

Strategic preparation

  • Competing with competent students in National Exit Test (NEXT) with vast syllabus is challenging task. Why to wait for last year to achieve your target!?
  • Considering amount & depth of final year MBBS syllabus, it is wise to study NEXT point of view right from the beginning. Studying, restudying through NEXT point of view, revising & reproducing is not possible if you start studying later.
  • Start preparing for NEXT from the 1st year MBBS itself. We have courses of long durations from 6 months to 6 years. You can enroll in our courses in 1st, 2nd, 3rd,… any year!
  • Just give us 30 minutes daily as per your convenience & we will ensure that you crack NEXT with flying colors!

Complete guidance

  • You will be hand-holded through the whole series of modules.
  • Our counsellors will be in continuous contact with you guiding you, motivating you & solving your difficulties.
  • Teaching faculties of national reputation from the most prestigious medical colleges in India including AIIMS, N. Delhi; CMC, Vellore; KEM, Mumbai & AFMC, Pune.

Robust Test Series

NEXT pattern State-of-the-art Test Series with reliable answers & explanations:

    • Modular tests
    • Subject wise tests
    • Whole syllabus tests
    • Grand Mock Tests
    • High Yield Tests

High Yield

  • Our lectures are so constructed that we give you most important NEXT pattern stuff in less time in a very digestive form.
  • We teach in line with the current pattern of conceptual & applied nature of MCQs in NEXT.
  • We will clear your basic concepts first & then build a framework as per latest pattern of NEXT exam.
  • The courses are updated as per latest pattern of NEXT & current editions of the standard textbooks.

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