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Our own research & multiple other studies show that success in MBBS as well as overall in life is depends more on mindset, approach and abilities of the students rather than collection of facts in your mind. Even in PG-Entrance exams like NEET-PG & INI-CET it is being consistently noted that students with strategic approach and higher learning abilities score far better than students focusing on watching recorded lectures or attending live sessions.

Becoming a successful MBBS student and, ultimately, a proficient healthcare provider goes beyond textbooks and lectures. Our mission is to equip you with the holistic toolkit you need to thrive in your NEXT exam and further medical journey. It’s a well-established and equally neglected fact that mindset, attitude, approach, strategies, time management, learning abilities, and daily routine setting are the pillars of success in MBBS, PG entrance exam and beyond.

We will be working with you in following areas:

  • Mindset

    Your mindset sets the tone for your study. Cultivating an unstoppable attitude, and a growth mindset is crucial for success in MBBS exams. Have you been neglecting it? Do you feel overburdened? Are you feeling safe simply because you are doing everything what others around you are doing? Don’t worry! Our team will work with you to set your mindset.

  • Abilities

    Your learning abilities like reading, grasping, time management, routine setting and memory skills are cornerstones of your performance in MBBS. They are key factors determining success in PG entrance exams like NEET-PG, INI-CET and now NEXT. Our specific modules will elevate your learning abilities. This will bring exponential improvement in your performance in MBBS.

  • Approach

    We will teach you proven study strategies tailored to your needs. We will define subject-wise study strategies customized for you. Efficient note-taking, active recall, and time-efficient study techniques will take your studies to the NEXT level. Our mentoring and tracking will make you successful.

  • Academic content

    We will provide you high quality recorded lectures, notes and tests on selected topics of selected subjects. This will give you the needed boost in your studies. We have divided the MBBS subjects into modules. We will allot you the modules in a structured manner so that you will not be overwhelmed by the vastness of the syllabus & at the same time you will not miss anything. Teaching & self-study are blended together in a systematic way through the series of modules.

    We have meticulously designed modules covering all the competencies in the domains of mindset, approach and learning abilities for a MBBS student. Becoming a proficient healthcare provider is not just about academics; it’s about developing the right mindset, honing essential abilities, and adopting a strategic approach to excel in the MBBS studies. Our mission is to guide, support, and inspire you on every step of this way.

Our methodology comprises of:

Recorded sessions: We conduct online mentoring of medical students with the help of recorded video sessions.

Live online group sessions: Our mentors are professionals with a wealth of experience in guiding MBBS students.

Live online one-to-one sessions: We provide one-on-one online live support to students to refine their approach to study. Every medical student is unique. Our one-on-one mentoring sessions are tailored to your specific needs, ensuring that you receive the individualized attention required to excel in your studies.

We offer a blend of recorded video sessions and live online sessions, allowing you to learn at your own pace while still having opportunities for real-time interaction with mentors and fellow students.

First to final years MBBS students should join our program.

Join BEW today and embark on your journey to success in MBBS. Our mentors are committed to helping you achieve your goals by realizing your full potential.

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In all the above courses, full syllabus contents (lectures, notes, tests) will only be given to you one at a time! Modules will be delivered to you one after another in a structured way as per our internal timetable to facilitate execution.

All the above courses include corresponding Test-series FREE! You don’t need to pay for it separately!!


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