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Bright EduWorld is not just another organization providing recorded video lectures. We have unique features to help you achieve your dream of getting a PG (MD/ MS) seat in speciality of your choice in a reputed government medical college. We assure you to crack your entrance for NEXT exam for MBBS.

  • Structured course: We have divided the entire new MBBS curriculum into topics & subtopics. We will not give you everything at once & leave you so that you will watch few lectures from few topics haphazardly in the initial enthusiasm & then cool down. We will allot you the topics in a structured manner so that you will not be overwhelmed by the vastness of the syllabus & at the same time you will not miss anything. Teaching & self-study are blended together in a systematic way through the series of modules.
  • Excellent time management: We have short & engaging lectures prepared specifically in a manner so that every minute you spend in our course, will give you high results. What other lecturers explain you in 1 to 1.5 hrs, our lectures will prepare you for the same stuff in 30 to 40 minutes! So even if you devote half an hour daily in BEW NEXT exam for MBBS Online Course, it will yield miraculous results! Revisions by technique of spaced intervals to boost the yield.
  • Total support: When we allot you a topic, our counsellors (who are themselves PG doctors well versed in NEXT pattern) will be in continuous contact with you solving your difficulties, tracking your performance & discussing it with you, designing customized strategies for you & motivating you. Through our modular system, we will map your strengths & weaknesses and help you converting your weaknesses into strengths.
  • World class teaching faculties: Building a clear conceptual frame-work in every subject will be crucial for success in NEXT exam for MBBS. We have team of teachers who have decades of experience of teaching for exams like NEET-PG & MCI Screening Test (FMGE: Foreign Medical Graduates Examination).
  • Notes & Test Series: Concise notes for every lecture, topic-wise, subject-wise tests, Whole syllabus tests, Grand Mock Tests, High Yield Tests all are included in the course to make it a complete package.
  • Long duration’s courses: We offer courses of different durations for MBBS students in 1st, 2nd … any year. MBBS students in medical colleges in India & abroad can choose the course depending upon when they will be appearing NEXT-1 exam.
Every subject in MBBS is vast. There are thick & multi-volume textbooks & MCQ books to be studied for exam. This creates huge confusion about what to study, how to study, in what depth to study, how & when to revise, how to track the performance. BEW Online Coaching is a one-step solution for all this. Please feel absolutely free to contact us in case of any query. At Bright EduWorld we are always happy to interact with the students and their parents. Get updates for exit test for mbbs & learn how to study for next.

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